“The key to a great interior design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space”Anonymous. Throughout this bedroom renovation project, our ultimate goal was to capture the spirit of our young clients. We engaged them from inception in order to understand their needs i.e color schemes, interior design style and etc. A combination of their needs and our expertise was essential towards the completion of two of the most simplistic, functional, beautiful, stylish and elegant kids bedrooms.  Once again we managed to offer the best quality and beautiful smiles on our clients faces. Photographer: Puribo Photography


This is a new built kitchen at Century Manor Estate. Our client was looking for a minimal contemporary kitchen which is both functional and decorative. We managed to capture our clients spirit from the onset and designed a kitchen which satisfy our clients needs.  Our aim was to also  ensure that the kitchen boasts a statement of luxury at one glance. We used a combination of high end quality materials to achieve the look.  We confidently combined gloss, matte and textured board in one kitchen and this worked in harmony to complete one of the most aesthetically pleasing kitchens . In the end our client was very happy.    Photographer: Puribo Photography


Our aim was to achieve a luxurious look of high quality in a small space. In this project we went for neutral tones as a base and combined  with sleek and stylish materials just to add a statement of elegance without compromising comfort. For the dining area we used a combination of glass, metals, woods, inviting designer rugs, velvet fabric, a designer rug, canvas art, and trendy décor elements in order to achieve what we perceive as a luxurious look.  In the entire leaving space we ensured the selection of materials that are comfortable, stylish and at the same time look as good as they feel. For the Entrance we used a wall paper that integrates the indoors with the outdoors.  The colours of the wall paper are vividly seen in the patio elements. This project is simply our interpretation of luxury.    Photographer: Puribo Photography


After several dissapointments faced by our client in the past, we became entirely fixated on ensuring their happiness. As such we sources elements that ensures that we deliver a minimal and luxurious look. Our ultimate goal was to achieve a hotel look throughout this holiday home.As such the bathroom had to be clean, classy and elegant.  As usual we adopted a minimalistic approach. Photographer: Puribo Photography


This is a renovation project of an old house built in the 1950’s. The house is in a farm in Mnandi. The kitchen was enclosed, and the cabinetry and finishes were very old and looked tired. This was a very good challenge. Our first goal was to integrate the kitchen and the living area. A wall was demolished and immediately creating a workable space. Our client is not shy when it comes to colour, so we went all out, introduced dark green velvet fabrics on the chairs and roman blinds. Part of our brief was to integrate their dark coloured furniture to accommodate their three very young children. We re-upholstered the corner couch with the same luxurious fabric used in the kitchen. This home is a testimony of functional, sheer elegance, warmth and endless possibilities. Photographer: Puribo Photography


Modern, Elegant and Extraordinary. The client’s brief was to use the living area furniture and use a natural colour pallet in their home. The cinema was the only room which did not have to conform to the neutral colours requirement. We introduced our passionate touch and created an elegant, extraordinary space that suits their budget. We introduced a touch of luxurious furniture, fabrics, cushions, rugs, wall art, lighting and cabinetry woods. Headboards, pedestals, and TV units were designed, manufactured and installed by Motama Kitchens. Artificial grass was installed in the balcony area’s and elevated the elegance of this home. Many Thanks to our client.  Photographer: Puribo Photography


Motama kitchens had a pleasure of assisting our clients to decorate their office. The client had bought furniture without having done the space planning, and as a result over-sized furniture was purchased. This is where our 3 CAD space design software came in handy. We were able to advise our client to extend a wall to fit the existing furniture. We integrated the existing furniture with the decor and used vases, flowers, cushions to elevate the beauty of the space. Guess what? Our client is in love with red and blue is the brand colour. As a result, striking a balance between the existing and new was the main objective as we were performing the task.  Photographer: Puribo Photography


After her house was completed, our client was not impressed with the narrow and long kitchen space. She could not imagine what can come out of such a space and that’s when she decided to contact us. Her budget was not big as well. We love challenges and we were determined to make her space work and give her quality despite her budget. We selected the best quality wood, and crafted a grey and white kitchen that our client loved and of course we added a dash of yellow just to liven the space. We also used a luxurious African print fabric to make a roman blind. The cherry on top was that we managed to give our client an island, who thought it was possible? Well we gave all we had. Our best…….  Photographer: Puribo Photography


3D rendering for clients who love to be exclusive and unique.