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Motama has proudly partnered with Novawood and is working with them to bring the Thermowood Technology in South Africa. The products are unique, exclusive, durable, endure all weather conditions, FSC certified, sustainable, easy to maintain, nontoxic (100% Natural), and most importantly comply with the European and North American Standards.

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Thermowood is a thermal modification process that preserves the wood in its most natural and flawless state for a long-life journey. It involves heating wood to temperatures of up to 212oC and preserving it with steam causing certain chemical changes within the wood. During the process the woods natural colour is altered resulting in the brown colour due to caramelization of glucose inside the wood and more importantly the dimensional stability of the wood is greatly increased. The dimensional stability results in high durability and stability. The process also reduces the water absorption of wood consequently increasing the decay resistance while decreasing swelling and shrinking.

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The products treated with the Thermowood method are;

100% natural: The wood is free from resin and chemicals. No chemicals are used during the production process.

Ecological: Thermowood products contain no environmental or health hazards. They are produced from renewable forests, are environmentally friendly, sanitary, recyclable and durable.

Durable: Thanks to its low water absorption, Thermowood maintains its durability in all weather conditions. It is longer lasting than regular wood. Low moisture content also prevents decay and fungi growth.

Stable: ThermoWood bending and twisting characteristics are reduced by %90, compared to ordinary wood.

Uniform: Heat treatment turns the wood into an uniform colour. Compared to regular wood, Thermowood also keeps its varnish and paint better.

Insulating: Thermowood provides 25% more heat and sound insulation compared to regular wood.

Safe: Thermowood is 30% more fire resistant than regular wood.

Insect-proof: Thermowood is completely protected from insects due to its low moisture content.

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