At Motama we are geared to deliver pristine interior design. Whether it’s a kitchen, entrance, cinema, living area, office or anything based on the project. We will go above and beyond to meet our clients’ needs.

Our company has been in business since 2015 on a part-time basis and trading under a different name, but was formally registered in 2017. Our employees are passionate and fully dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive the ultimate best.

Motama_office cushions


Motama is a proud importer of natural, thermally preserved wood products from Novawood. The product is unique, durable and can endure all weather conditions. It is also sustainable, easy to maintain, nontoxic (100% natural), and most importantly comply with the European and North American Standards. We distribute exterior decking and cladding which brings about unique harmony of natural colours, quality and elegance. We also supply extraordinary wall coverings, elegant wooden flooring and a small range of unique furniture items. 

Images courtesy from Novawood


Aluwani Mutamani is currently Creative Manager and CEO of Motama. She holds a master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering but decided to pursue her passion for interiors. It is her responsibility to interpret the client’s needs. So she can be actively involved in every aspect of the project from inception to execution of the design. It is through her passion that she identified the Novawood products. Through which she aims to pave the way forward for the South African Interior and Landscaping industies.

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